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Find the seeds of possible futures.
Understand the conditions for them to grow.

Shimoshi NM

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The Shimoshi NM Way

  • Futures as a mindset

  • True exploration

  • A future that is not singular or linear

  • A responsible, ethical, and sustainable future

  • Progressive evolution, not disruptive overhaul

  • Tight project scopes, not "boiling the ocean"


Shimoshi NM is a futures research think tank.

In-depth exploratory services.

The nature and strength of signals

Evidence-based evaluations of direct and indirect consequences

Fleshed out scenarios within the range of probabilities

Grounded analyses of proposed scenarios

Focus from complexity to summary

Independent research that stimulates opportunities

Shimoshi NM

Signal Collection

Horizon Scanning

Consequence   Systems



Design Fiction

Anticipatory   Anthropology


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