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About Shimoshi

Means "useful" "functional" in Hebrew

A digital image of lines floating in the air in various directions, implying the many ways the future could play out

Speed might get ideas to market fast, but how do you know plans can perform in multiple possible futures?

What possible future contexts are most probable? 

What is the world like with your idea in it?

Who are the people in this world?  

Can your team execute on contingencies? 

Why futuring?

What could you do if you were aware of an array of opportunities and risks your organization might see in the near future?

Futuring prepares organizations for adaptive resiliency. Your organization can survive and perhaps thrive under varied interacting conditions.

Susan Wilhite is the founder and Chief Researcher at Shimoshi, a futuring research basecamp located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a futurist with a background in ethnography and competitive analysis, and a strong interest in healthcare delivery, the built environment, near Earth orbit/space tech, with an eye on how emerging technologies challenge humans and whole ecosystems.

At Shimoshi, Susan collects indicators of futures in progress to generate original research and scenarios to surface essential research questions. She practices an enhanced visionary product and policy development process that sharpens strategies and high-potential actions.

Professional Summary Susan conducted trailblazing generative user experience research in big tech (e.g., Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Intuit) for over 20 years, providing essential product landscapes and adoption guidelines for emerging tech in stealth mode or skunkworks. 

Formal Education Susan collected a master’s degree from UCLA and bachelor’s degree from UNM, both in Anthropology – Cultural Ecology. She continued her education at Harvard and Stanford. Susan obtained Evidence-Based Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) for healthcare facility design.


What kinds of organizations benefit from working with Shimoshi?

We work with teams and organizations that need to look out 2-7 years in the future to prepare for unfamiliar factors and conditions and their implications.

  • Inflection Point Strategists   Those who must consider multitudes of decision factors to know when to flex a strategy while navigating morphing conditions.

  • Stuck Founders   Entrepreneurs who intend to build sustaining and sustainable enterprises. In the process, be able to talk to partners, vendors, funders, and employees about vision and mission. Those who need narratives that persuade others of the chosen course.

  • Stabilizers   Those who wish to avert risk by participating in the generation of regulations and laws likely to promote more adaptable futures.

  • Creators of the Not Yet  Artists, designers, and writers who need time in futures rabbit holes.

Why Anthropology?

Anthropologists think deeply about patterns of human life. How elements work or don't work in small and large, simple and complex, ecologies. And we collect relevant and unique qualitative and quantitative data. 


Shimoshi is not techno-solutionist. With AI and biotech verging on forever altering the project of human existence, we take a pluriversal stance to developments using a long-term lens, both for new products and policies, the infrastructures behind them, and in the laws and regulations that call for extraordinary collaboration.

The Shimoshi NM Approach

Every futurist has a process, a set of tools, and a kit of exercises or games. It's all to prepare for explorations, to widen thinking to imagine and make real the possibility of myriad futures as stripped of bias as possible. 

For some, the outcome is the fruitful experience of resetting minds. For others, it's about achieving a goal: a resilient business strategy,  preparation for product line options, or a stronger regulatory environment for technologies and industry practices.

Research is the quiet strength of the process -- the element that prevents assumptions from being injected directly into actions. 

It is imperative to direct that research so that explorations stay pertinent and productive. 

Shimoshi NM has been conducting research on emerging technologies and their effects on humans and wider ecologies under tight conditions for combined decades. We know what data feeds the pipeline and what makes critical decisions clearer. 

We enjoy working in a retainer model to instill futures mindsets and practices with our clients over time. Deliberation and imagination beat speed. 

We are generative investigators and concept builders. We deliver scenarios and envisioning. Let's explore together.

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

Louis Pasteur

Karthick Ramakrishnan | CA100’s Executive Director
California 100 is a statewide initiative designed to build “a vision and strategy for California’s next century.


"Forecasting skill requires taking insight to action. ‘DNA’: Data, Narrative, Action"

"If you want to do something horrible to people with technology, you must first inflict it on people without social power."

Cory Doctorow

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after."

J.R.R.Tolkien, LOTR

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