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User Experience Research

Those collecting their own data in the Problem-Solution Stage of Product Development do not necessarily know one or two things about user and product research.

  • Do more than “customer interviews”. Be confident in executing, interpreting, and applying user and product data

  • Understand the differences between User Experience, Proof of Concept, and Market research

  • Get the most velocity from your problem-solution efforts

Your ducks, in a row.

Here's how each service works.

  • Opt into/out of a signed NDA.

  • You send me your deck. Two ways to do that.

    • You set up a secure online folder. You send me the folder link, password, and read/write permissions. Or you can share documents with me, again with read/write permissions.

    • Attach it to email to me.

  • When we're done I keep nothing.

Standard Service | Self-serve

  1. I review your deck. We can negotiate reviewing successive decks, your website, and a live pitch specifically for problem-solution content. Turnaround is usually under 48 hours.

  2. You + team members and I meet online to walk through my comments and suggestions. You can have my notes.


$40 for your current deck, additional content negotiable

Deluxe Service | Presentation Coaching

  • Deck Review

  • Plus I coach you through making your deck content changes 

$60 per hour

Elite Service | Fractional Product Strategy 

  • Deck Review

  • Presentation Coaching

  • Now I also coach you and your team through appropriate UX methods and tools, prototype testing methods, hiring a researcher, designer, etc. Whatever it takes to hit your pre-determined problem-solution goal.

Price is negotiable.

Get a Quote

Every engagement is artisinal - custom crafted for each client. My services are value-driven.

Thanks for asking!
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