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Futures Research, briefly

Futures without evidence are fantasies.

We start with the notion that possible futures are already in progress.

Since that's true, the way futures unfold is influenced by complex, numerous, and varied forces.

These are morphing forces that bang into each other creating black swans and emergent outcomes. Or orthogonally go their separate ways. 

We need not venture in the blind. We can investigate those forces and imagine the multiple ways the future might go.

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Shimoshi NM Articles

Our repository for our Futuring writings.

Futures Readings

Futures research is like other kinds of research. Still, it is a different field. Some processes and practices are special. 

We look for direct and oblique frameworks, diagrams, methods, tools, with unflowery explanations that vividly illuminate the futuring ecosystem. 

These are a few of our inspirations and treasured resources.

Non-Fiction Books

How to Future, by Smith and Ashby

Imaginable, by McGonigal

Speculative Everything, by Dunne and Raby

The Manual of Design Fiction, by Bleeker, Foster, Girardin, and Nova

Sleeping Beauties, by Wagner

Bibliographies and Resources

Futurist's Writings


The Overstory, by Richard Powers (2018)

Termination Shock, by Neal Stephenson (02021)

Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler (1993)

Our Missing Hearts,, by Celeste Ng (2022)

The Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula LeGuin (1971)

A Psalm for the Wild-Built, by Becky Chambers (2021)


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