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Intro to the Shimoshi Blog

Forged over long days in the hallowed halls and conference rooms of high tech spaces and tempered by a semblance of principles, methods, and creativity, these are one person's takeaways addressing How Things Oughta Be Considered and Done. These writings are living pieces. This means I will iteratively edit as my thinking becomes informed and evolves.

I consider this work in the same ways as product development. I am building a perspective on a well-trodden topic from an angle not usually heard from - research. These pieces are shared on my social media accounts and in my presentations.

I am an entrepreneur but not a serial entrepreneur. I don't develop ideas and then sell them off. I develop ideas to move the needle and to last over time. Ideas that I hope will get batted around in the School of Hard Knocks and come out stronger.

Leave all weapons at the portal. Constructive thoughts and feelings are welcome.

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