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Deck Reviews & Beyond

Showing your work persuasively is essential when pitching your ideas to potential partners or investors. You're telling a relatable story, with evidence.

As we say, we're passionate about the problem, not the product.


From the get-go, show that you have a firm grasp of the problem you intend to address and how you arrived at the problem scope. Be ready to describe the end users: whom you are building this thing for and in what use case - step by step with motivations and user gratification.


Your audiences will ask how you approached any number of solutions and why you landed on your proposed concept.

  • The Thing itself, the features, the unique and beneficial outcomes.

  • The user abilities you are providing and how it all fits into their systems and lives - the whole value proposition.

What Should Be On Your Pitch Deck?

According to VCs and Successful Startups

Pitch deck content table 2.jpg

Here's how each service works.

  • Opt into/out of a signed NDA.

  • You send me your deck. Two ways to do that.

    • You set up a secure online folder. You send me the folder link, password, and read/write permissions. Or you can share documents with me, again with read/write permissions.

    • Attach it to email to me.

Standard Service | Self-serve

  1. We conduct a pre-review meeting to discuss your short- and long-term goals and your pitch prespectives.

  2. I review your deck for effective presentation of your problem-solution content given your stated needs. Turnaround is usually under 48 hours.

  3. You + team members and I meet online to walk through my report. I share the report.


Additional decks, presentation, and a website review are negotiable

Deluxe Service | Presentation Coaching

  • Deck Review

  • Plus I coach you through making your current deck content changes 

Decks for different purposes are negotiable.

Elite Service | Fractional Product Strategy 

  • Deck Review

  • Presentation Coaching

  • Now I also coach you and your team through appropriate UX methods and tools, prototype testing methods, hiring a researcher, designer, etc. Whatever it takes to hit your pre-determined problem-solution goal.

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Every engagement is artisinal - custom crafted for each client. My services are value-driven.

Thanks for asking!
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