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Published papers, blogs, & book chapters

Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries, ​​Steve Portugal, 2016.

  • Chapter 7: To Live Outside the Law, You Must Be Honest - The Trust Dance, p. 112-114.   Buy the book here.

  • ​All this Chittah Chattah: War Stories | The Trust Dance. July 27, 2012 Blog post


'Whose Job is User Research: An Interview with Susan Wilhite', ​January 26, 2016

  • Laura Klein's series addressing user research and researcher roles.

'UX Research in Built Environments'UserTesting Blog -  ​January 21, 2016

  • Overview of the use of design research principles and methods in built environment research. Examples in healthcare and retail.

'Consumption Economics: Implications for UX'Designing the User Experience at Autodesk (DUX) September 3, 2013


"A Diary Study of Task Switching and Interruptions", M Czerwinski, E Horvitz, S Wilhite. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, p.175-182, April 24-29, 2004, Vienna, Austria

  • A Microsoft Research generative study on task management, now considered seminal. My Grounded Theory analysis of diary data exposed a latent behavior among office workers. Resulted in an OS feature, a variation of which has been included in every version since Vista. Under mentorship with Mary Czerwinski.​



Going to the frontiers of UX

Make the Most of Your Runway - ActivateNM Fiesta Pitch

Audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and university faculty. Sponsored in part by the City of Albuquerque. My consulting prize collected the most raffle tickets, and I ran out of business cards by evening's end.   March 9, 2023

User Research 101: Focus on Product Users UNM Rainforest Innovations and the Innovation Academy Spring 2021 University Center Seminar series. The New Mexico Rainforest University Center provides entrepreneurial training and technical assistance at the University of New Mexico main and branch campuses. May 2021  recording


How to Learn by Listening  - UNM Rainforest Innovations, mentees, February 2021.

  • The differences between various kinds of business research​

  • Learning from current and potential users/customers during product/service development

UX in Prototype Development  - LANL Postdoc Entrepreneur Fellowship Program.
Technology Engagement & Entrepreneurship Team, Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation 
 Los Alamos National Laboratory - December 2020, September 2021

How to Use Research to Pivot A Business - Santa Fe Business Incubator - December 2020.

User Experience Research 101 - New Mexico UX - August 2020

  • ROI for UX Research​

  • Phases of UX research

  • UX Research vs. Market Research, Customer Experience, and Immersive Journalism


Dark Patterns in ML - New Mexico UX - June 2020


Pitch the RUNWAY Competition -- Santa Fe Business Incubator -- February 2020

  • Selected for the ​RUNWAY program to evaluate market viability

  • The founding of a user research-driven product development studio


Guest Lecture -- UCLA Anthropology Department -- February 2013​

  • Intro to Anthropology class lecture​

  • UX Research talk to faculty and students


UX Research/Design in Startups -- Startup UCLA -- June 2012​


An Anthropologist in Silicon Valley -- University of New Mexico Dept. of Anthropology Invited Talk Brown Bag Series -- March 2011



Mar 24, 2020  

Patent issuer

US 10366593

Ergonomic assessment garment

Systems and methods of determining an ergonomic assessment for a user are provided. For instance, sensor data can be received from one or more sensors implemented with an ergonomic assessment garment worn by a user. Corporeal data associated with at least one body segment of the user can be determined based at least in part on the sensor data.

The corporeal data is associated with a bend angle associated with the at least one body segment. An ergonomic assessment associated with the user can be determined based at least in part on the corporeal data. The ergonomic assessment can include an indication of one or more ergonomic zones associated with the user, the one or more ergonomic zones being determined based at least in part on the bend angle associated with the at least one body segment.

See patent


"The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently." 

David Graeber

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