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Why Futuring?

Consider how you could set yourself up to thrive if you were aware of an array of futures your organization might experience.

Shimoshi NM is a futures basecamp with research DNA in the social science mode.

What possible future contexts are most probable? 

What is the world like with your idea in it? 
Who are the people in that world? 
Can your team adapt to potential futures? 

Firm plans and goals seem reliable and smart.

Still, leading indicators of future values and actions infuse resilience in a complex world of morphing conditions. Then you may chart adaptive courses that play out in preferred futures. 

Shimoshi NM applies signals of futures currently in progress to generate commissioned and original research, scenarios, and artifacts that illuminate future possibilities. We practice an enhanced visionary product, service, and policy path that results in informed mindsets. 



Susan Wilhite is the Managing Member and Principal Researcher of Shimoshi NM. For over 20 years her in-depth user experience research described evolving human lives and landscapes. Her recommendations guided a closer mapping of products and services to the worlds they were intended for and implications for unintended scenarios.

Susan is a 2024 Sustainable Urban Growth Fellow in the Livable Santa Fe program.

Examples of Futuring


International refugee organizations seek to reduce the disruption of community and culture among crisis migrants and refugees.



We investigate the psycho-social needs of communities to stay intact on the move. Various factors are considered that seem to inhibit or support unsettled communities. We generate potential benefits of innovative policies, products, and services that might reduce friction among distanced members.


The organizations craft ethically sensitive trial policies and invest in partnerships to develop and test products and services. For long-term effectiveness of refugee community resiliency, we watch for conditions that present strategic and tactical levers to mediate or deflect risks and direct actions toward preferred futures.


Where does Shimoshi NM stand on futures agendas?

Shimoshi NM does not take a techno-solutionist stance. With AI and biotech verging on forever altering the project of human existence, we take a pluriversal position on evolutions. We view new products, organizations, and policies, and the infrastructures behind them, through a long-term lens, and on to laws and regulations that call for extraordinary collaboration.

What kinds of organizations benefit from working with Shimoshi?

We work with teams and organizations that need to look out 2-7 years in the future to posture themselves to meet emergent factors and conditions and their implications.

  • Creators of the Not Yet  Thinkers who need time in speculative rabbit holes.

  • Inflection Point Strategists  Those who must consider multitudes of decision variables to know when to flex while navigating new conditions.

  • Stuck Founders  Entrepreneurs who intend to build sustaining and sustainable enterprises. In the process, to be able to talk to partners, vendors, funders, and employees about vision and mission. Those who need stories that persuade others of a vision.

  • Stabilizers  Those who wish to establish manageable directions by participating in the generation of regulations and processes likely to promote more adaptable futures.

Does Shimoshi NM conduct strategic foresight?

As a rigorous futures basecamp, our research may inform strategic foresight efforts. We do interrogate the front part: investigations of client's research, desk research, and primary research, with varied ways of knowing. We then develop and apply more research to 'what if' scenarios leading to 'what then' scenarios and on to speculative designs and design fictions.

Does Shimoshi NM endorse Design Thinking?

We do very much favor iterative learning and doing. However, we consider Design Thinking a flawed creative process framework. This MIT Technology Review piece sums up many of its issues. Besides, Design Thinking outcomes for marketable products and services are irrelevant to the end purposes of futuring.

Is it possible to be too late to anticipate futures?

Let's find out!

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

Louis Pasteur

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after."

J.R.R.Tolkien, LOTR

Karthick Ramakrishnan | CA100’s Executive Director
California 100 is a statewide initiative designed to build “a vision and strategy for California’s next century.


"Forecasting skill requires taking insight to action. ‘DNA’: Data, Narrative, Action"

"The only thing you can create is the future."

Horst Hortner, Ars Electronica FutureLab

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